Your brand as an artist

What is branding?  Branding is what sets you apart from other artists and attracts the customers that are interesting in your form of art and technique.  Back in 2011 I was running an art gallery, every day I spoke to artists and art collectors.  A good example of branding is the Atlanta based artist who used razor blades to make oil paintings.  The story of the creation of the art and how the artist used razor blades was unique at the time and a good selling point for the art.

Many art buyers and collectors look for a story with the art, something they can tell when showing the art to others.  While running the art gallery it was easier to sell an artist back story than just a nice piece of art.  By this I mean that if someone likes a painting they may buy it but if they have a story about the artist and it builds a connection with the buyer they are a lot more likely to pay for the art.  The story builds the connection and that is the artist’s brand.

As the artist, you need to decide your story, what sets you apart from everyone else.  What is your style, what do you do differently?  Next is what type of logo or signature you want to use?  What one image do you want associated with all your art?  I use a logo and my signature personally.  For 3d printed art and some handmade goods the logo works well but for paintings and photography I use my signature.  As the artist, you need to think about what best represents you and your art.

Another part of branding that is unique for artists is the method used to authenticate the art is created by you. Many artists use different types of certificates of authenticity or special ways of signing or numbering art.  For limited edition art the integrity of the edition is extremely important to keep the value of the edition.  If you have a limited edition of 100 prints the value of all prints are directly tied to the buyer/collector’s faith in the integrity of the control of the edition. 

Original art is the highest value since only one is made.  Certificates of authenticity the the most common way to show your art is original and from the artist.  It also adds to the perceived value of the art. is one way of registering your art.  There are a few other websites that also are very valuable resources for tracking art sales and provenances.  

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